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Hoag launches new affordable care joint initiative

Categories: Featured News
February 27, 2012

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian inNewport Beach has undertaken a new coordinated care model in partnership with Blue Shield of California andGreater Newport Physicians. The three-year accountable care initiative aims to provide approximately 11,000 Blue Shield HMO policy members in Orange County with integrated, cost-efficient healthcare.
The program will launch on July 1 and lasts for an initial 36 months, with the partnership agencies intending to extend the duration in order to provide a more tangible and beneficial impact on employers’ and members’ healthcare costs and expenses.
"We are pleased to collaborate withGreater Newport Physicians and Blue Shield of California to provide affordable healthcare for the community and employers in Orange County and, in turn, ensure they have access to the personalized care they expect from Hoag," saidDr. Richard Afable, Hoag president and CEO. "This collaboration allows us to continue to provide the highest quality care to the communities we serve, as one of Orange County's most trusted healthcare networks."
The agencies will collaborate and share information to coordinate on comprehensive healthcare service for members, with a goal of creating a new model that takes costs out of the system and improves quality of care through coordination of services. The program is centered on the organizations’ implementation of long-term strategies for improving quality and efficiency of healthcare for patients, and ensuring that care stays affordable for Blue Shield members, with incentives tied to these goals. The terms of the initiative are expected to bring about little to no rise in healthcare costs for policyholders in its first year, and small single-digit increases in the next two years.
"Greater Newport Physicians has always been a leader in adapting to the dynamic healthcare environment to better serve the needs of our patient population," said Dr. Cassidy Tsay, medical director of Greater Newport Physicians. "We coordinate the care of our patients as they navigate throughout the entire healthcare system, because we know that patient care includes prevention, chronic care management, acute episodes of care and post-hospitalization recovery. We look forward to sharing this philosophy with our partners." 

Greater Newport Physicians (GNP) is an independent practice association (IPA) comprised of more than 500 affiliated doctors and healthcare providers to more than 100,000 Orange County residents, who mainly receive hospital services at Hoag Hospital in Newport.