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Hoag and the Angels Help Baseball Fans Strike Out Stroke

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ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. June 30, 2014 – Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian is teaming up with the Los Angeles Angels to host the first Strike Out Stroke Day on July 5, 2014.

During the Angels vs. Astros game, leaders from Hoag, St. Joseph Health, Angels Baseball, Genetech and the Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp will be on hand to educate the public about the symptoms of stroke and the urgency of treatment.

The Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp developed Strike Out Stroke Day as a way to partner with Major and Minor league baseball to promote stroke awareness and recovery. By bringing stroke education to a wide and engaged audience, Strike Out Stroke is able to reach a large and diverse audience about the warning signs of stroke, known by the acronym FAST.

“FAST stands for face, arm, speech and time. If you suspect someone is having a stroke, ask them to smile; if one side of their face droops, that’s a sign of stroke. Similarly, if they try to lift both arms, but one drifts downwards, that’s another sign. Slurred speech can also be a symptom. If you observe any of these signs, call 911 immediately. Time is essential to limiting or reversing the impact of stroke,” said David Brown, M.D., program director of Hoag Stroke Program.

A stroke is caused by a blood clot blocking off an artery to the brain or by bleeding in the brain. It can lead to paralysis, cognitive problems or even death.

“Prompt response is of the essence during stroke as brain cells are dying,” Dr. Brown said. “Calling 911 is the most important thing people can do if they think they’re having a stroke.”

Major League Baseball has seen its share of strokes. In 1980, for instance, Houston Astros player J.R. Richard suffered a stroke and collapsed while playing a game of catch before a game. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove a life-threatening blood clot in his neck and survived – but his Major League career ended.

“Our goal is to educate as many fans as possible. We’ll be joined by a courageous stroke survivor who will be welcomed to the field prior to the game,” said Dr. Brown.

At Strike Out Stroke Day, baseball fans can expect:

  • Free giveaways and educational material
  • Free blood pressure screenings by Hoag Medical Group physicians
  • On-field ceremony with physicians, nurses and stroke survivors
  • T-shirts provided by Genentech and Strike Out Stroke

What: Strike Out Stroke Day to educate the public about stroke awareness.

When: July 5, 2014 at 7 p.m., during the Angels vs. Astros game

Where: Angel Stadium


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