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Customized diabetes care in collaboration with patients' physicians

Categories: Diabetes Center
The American Diabetes Association estimates that nearly 26 million Americans live with diabetes. Recognizing that Orange County is deeply affected by this fast growing chronic diseases, the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center at Hoag offerseducational andsupport services designed specifically to meet the needs of your patients with diabetes and their families through prevention, early detection, prompt care,education and support.

“Diabetes is a complex chronic disease. However, with better management and monitoring in the early stages, we can increase positive outcomes and reduce the risk of complications later in life,” explains, Kris Iyer, M.D., executive medical director of The Mary and Dick Allen Diabetes Center. “Developed as a referral program to supplement primary care for patients with diabetes, the Allen Diabetes Center is committed to being a one-stop destination for patients with diabetes, providing diabetes-related services in support of physicians and providing the highest quality care.”

The Allen Diabetes Center offers expert clinical care. Eyes and blood glucose management are essential elements of diabetes care. With a physician’s referral, patients can have their retina scanned and meet with certified diabetes educators and nutritionists. The care continues after a patient's visit as Hoag offers one of the largest diabetes education programs in Orange County.