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Back to School - Easy Snacks for Busy Families

Categories: Diabetes Center
Busy parents might find that between work, sports schedules, homework, playdates and school, snacks might make life a little easier. But, finding healthy snacks that your entire family will enjoy can be challenging. Try to avoid processed sugary snacks. Fruits make good snacks if you know portion sizes and limit snacks to one to two servings. Nuts and cheeses can make good choices as long as you watch the fat. The mix of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber help you feel full. Avoid nuts packaged or roasted in oil; instead, eat them raw or dry roasted. Roasted nuts may have been heated in hydrogenated or omega-6 unhealthy fats, or too high temperatures that can destroy their nutrients.

Snacking Tips:
  • Almonds are the lowest calorie nuts at 160 calories per ounce (23 nuts; 6 grams protein, 14 grams fat). Next are cashews (16 to 18 nuts; 5 grams protein, 13 grams fat) and pistachios (49 nuts; 6 grams protein, 13 grams fat).
  • When selecting a cheese snack, pick lower fat varieties such as mozzarella and varieties made with part skim milk.
  • Other quick and convenient snacks include Greek yogurt (high protein, low carbs) and many protein bars (with a ratio of one carb to two protein).
  • Prepare snacks ahead of time by cutting up fruit and vegetables for the entire week.
  • Snacks that have protein and fiber will keep you fuller longer.
  • Drink your snack! Smoothies are a great way to get in fruit and vegetables.
Importance of Snacking:

Snacks serve an important role in a diabetic’s diet. They help keep your blood sugar steady between meals and before exercising. And they help treat episodes of hypoglycemia—when your blood sugar drops dangerously low. But skip the vending machine and try healthy snacks instead. Snacking can help keep blood glucose from crashing when insulin peaks. But choosing the right snacks can make the difference between weight gain or weight loss/maintenance.