Debbie Del Rio

  • Reiki Master

Debbie Del Rio is a renowned Reiki Master who has worked for the past 14 years in the healing arts. Her areas of focus within the healing arts are reiki, energy healing, meditation, and teaching individuals the skills needed to empower themselves. According to a study done by the National Institute of Health, reiki sessions have been found to improve a variety of symptoms related to physical and psychological health.

Empowerment has been a theme throughout her life. Debbie started a non-profit organization that worked in school systems to support children and adults with ADHD. To enhance her own personal growth, Debbie studied Ninjutsu, a martial art. Through Ninjutsu she gained discipline, confidence, an enhanced intuitive ability and was awarded her 6th degree black belt during an unforgettable journey to Japan.  

Each session with Debbie is unique and you never know what insights will occur in a session but trust that it will be for your highest good. Many clients have uncovered stumbling blocks that they’ve been able to overcome. Debbie knows personally how difficult it can be to change, and she is here to support you all the way as you step into your life’s path. Debbie’s goal is to empower you!  

Debbie continues to study and is currently working toward her certification in Medical Intuition. She enjoys the outdoors and shares her home with her lovely dog and two cats.  

Are you ready to jump start yourself into a better life? If so, Debbie promises to bring her vast array of life experience and healing skills to you! 

Call 949-764-7239 for more information and to schedule an appointment.