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What’s the best way to detect skin cancer?

The best way to protect yourself from skin cancer is to monitor your skin regularly and wear sunscreen. Check your skin often for new or changing moles or freckles and show them to your doctor. The ABCs of melanoma is a helpful guide to help you distinguish what features you should look for when checking your skin.

  • A is for Asymmetry: The mole is not uniformly shaped, like a circle or oval.
  • B is for Border: The edges are jagged, irregular, notched or blurred.
  • C is for Color: The color is not the same all over and may include different shades of brown, black or other colors.
  • D is for diameter: The mole is larger in diameter than the size of a pencil eraser.
  • E is for Evolving: The mole is changing in size, shape or color.

If you find a mole or freckle that is of concern to you, alert your doctor as soon as possible. At Hoag, we have a robust melanoma program that offers patients a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team to evaluate and treat the spectrum of melanoma or advanced skin cancer. Our medical experts are subspecialty trained at world renowned institutions and are actively involved in research to continue the advancement of melanoma care to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with the Hoag Melanoma/Advanced Skin Cancer Program, please call 949-7-CANCER or complete our Contact Us form

Ask the Clinician by Thomas Wang, M.D.