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What are the benefits of robotic-assisted cardiac surgery?

Robot-assisted surgery has become a more widespread procedure across multiple areas in medicine. Cardiac surgeons have adopted robotic techniques throughout the years due to the benefits the procedure provides. Such examples include reduced muscle cutting, no broken or displaced bones to gain access to the operation site, and reduced recovery time compared with traditional cardiac surgery.

The Hoag robotic cardiac surgery program has gained attention for technical innovation and rapid expansion to bring this advanced technology to more patients. With the way our robotic surgery system is set up, there is less tissue trauma and better visualization at the operation site. You can expect better patient care and experience at Hoag. Our robotic surgeries provide superior outcomes with less pain, faster recovery and fewer complications for our patients.

As the standard of care for heart surgery at Hoag, patients can take comfort in knowing they are receiving the best possible care and treatment at a hospital that has the most advanced technology and renowned surgeons.

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By Asad Shah, M.D.