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Technology to Reduce Pain and Stress During Breast Biopsy

Hoag knows that to a woman undergoing a breast biopsy, every minute matters. That is why Hoag is one of the only hospitals in Orange County to offer the Brevera Biopsy System, a new technology that increases the success rate of biopsies, while significantly decreasing the average time it takes to perform a biopsy.

The new biopsy system is now available at each of Hoag’s three breast centers, in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Irvine. It includes integrated pain management, requires less time to secure an accurate tissue sample and is easier to use, which allows physicians to focus more time on their patients.

“We are constantly striving to incorporate the most advanced and impactful technology to help make our patients’ experience easier, safer and more precise,” said January Lopez, M.D., a dedicated breast radiologist and director of Breast Imaging at Hoag Breast Centers. “The Brevera system not only improves accuracy and efficiency, but it reduces the time of the biopsy – in which the needle is in the breast tissue – from 10 minutes down to two. This greatly supports patient care.”

This focus on patient-centric care is one reason Hoag is the first and only hospital in Orange County to be named a Certified Breast Center of Excellence for the eighth consecutive year. Hoag is one of only 56 facilities nationwide to hold the prestigious distinction by the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers (NQMBC) program. The designation recognizes Hoag’s position as a national leader in breast health.

The NQMBC measures a breast center’s performance on select indicators such as timeliness of care for screening and diagnostic mammography, mammography call back rate, patient satisfaction, surgical care, pathology, and radiation.

“As the most patient-centric cancer care center in Orange County, Hoag views innovation through the lens of the patient. What would make the experience easier, more comfortable and more successful?” Dr. Lopez said. “It was through that lens that we chose to be one of the first hospitals in Orange County to introduce the Brevera system. This will make a meaningful difference to our patients. And that’s what matters most.”

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