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New Beginnings: Guiding You Through Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum

There is no place like Hoag.

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is a remarkable experience, filled with excitement, anticipation, and sometimes uncertainty. At Hoag, we understand the importance of providing unwavering support to women like you throughout every stage of this incredible journey. From fertility care to postpartum support and beyond, Hoag is committed to being your trusted partner every step of the way.

As a testament to our dedication to excellence, Hoag has been honored by the Women’s Choice Award® as one of America’s Best Hospitals for Obstetrics for an impressive 10 consecutive years. In 2024, we were recognized among the top 1% of maternity hospitals in the United States, receiving accolades for both patient experience and safety.

At Hoag, we prioritize family-centered care, delivered by a team of experienced professionals including obstetricians, OB hospitalists, midwives, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, and Magnet-certified nursing staff. Our commitment to providing exceptional care extends beyond medical expertise to encompass compassion, respect, and support for your individual birthing plan.

Lisa Karamardian, M.D., Jeffrey M. Carlton Endowed Chair in Women’s Health, in honor of Dr. Anne M. Kent, and medical director of maternal child health highlights what makes Hoag truly special.

“The Sue & Bill Gross Women’s Pavilion, designed specifically for women by women, offers a serene environment and personalized amenities to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. You want to know that you are delivering at a place that will hear and honor your birthing plan, while at the same time be ready with the most expert care available should the need arise,” Dr. Karamardian said.

Following delivery, Hoag continues to prioritize your well-being as you navigate the joys and challenges of new motherhood. Our International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) registered nurses offer invaluable support, guidance, and encouragement to help you succeed in breastfeeding.

Furthermore, our range of postpartum support services is designed to meet your evolving needs. From the Nona app, a comprehensive pregnancy and postpartum support app, to the Hoag BabyLine staffed by OB Education registered nurses, we offer resources to address your questions and concerns at every stage. Our Lactation Clinic provides one-on-one consultations with IBCLC registered nurses, while Hoag at Home Postpartum+ offers in-home health care visits starting in the third trimester to ease the transition from hospital to home. Hoag for Her | Center for Wellness also provides integrated care including preventive and restorative pelvic floor physical therapy, kegel exercises and more. Recognizing the importance of maternal mental health, Hoag offers specialized care through our Maternal Mental Health Clinic. Our team of reproductive psychiatrists, licensed marriage and family therapists, and licensed clinical social workers are dedicated to providing the support and resources you need for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum experience.

At Hoag, we believe in empowering women with the knowledge, support, and resources they need to embrace the journey of motherhood with confidence and joy. From prenatal care to postpartum support, we are honored to be a part of your extraordinary journey.

For more information on how to choose your OB/GYN and delivery hospital, listen to our Empowered by Hoag podcast by Dr. Lisa Karamardian.

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