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Here for All Our Patients

Dear Neighbors,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Hoag remains at the forefront of treatment, prevention and research into this devastating disease. At the same time, every day, we continue to innovate and elevate care in every other area of medicine, too.

COVID-19 affects everything we do, from the increased safety protocols at all Hoag facilities to the expansion of our virtual care offerings. But while the pandemic has shaped our actions it doesn’t define them.

In the midst of a pandemic, Hoag co-designed and rolled out virtual reality technology for pregnancy and postpartum education, and pain management. A first-of-its-kind offering, we believe it will become the standard of care nationwide. We introduced a new Molecular Imaging & Therapeutics Program to create more targeted, precise cancer treatment options for our patients. And we have opened up an urgent care clinic at John Wayne Airport to offer travelers consultations and vaccinations on the fly.

All the while, we are among the leaders in the nation for COVID-19 treatment, vaccine testing and preventative care.

We know that we will get through this pandemic together, not only because we are helping to lead our community out of it, but because we continue to excel at addressing our patients’ needs during it. Stay healthy, and please know that Hoag is here for you – for life.


Robert T. Braithwaite