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Hoag opens first Electrophysiology Catheterization Suite of its kind

Electrophysiology lab integrates leading edge technology to achieve the highest level of efficiency and safety for patients and better outcomes. 
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian has introduced the Allan and Sandy Fainbarg Electrophysiology Cath Suite, the first electrophysiology (EP) cardiac catheterization lab of its kind.
The EP cath suite is a unique patient-care space designed to offer the complete integration of leading edge EP technology with a comprehensive patient experience. 
“Our new Ambient Experience EP cath suite incorporates the latest and best technology available, allowing us to conduct extensive medical procedures in a totally new and revolutionary environment,” said Jay H. Lee, M.D., FACC, Medical Director of Electrophysiology at Hoag. 
In addition, Dr. Lee said the new EP cath suite makes it possible to measure the efficacy of positive distractions as a means of reducing the amount of anesthesia, medications and procedure times to enhance overall positive patient outcomes. 
“In the EP cath suite, patients undergo very invasive procedures. The suite will create a relaxing environment through personal selection of music and lighting and ceiling displayed visuals, which will enhance the patient’s overall experience,” he explained. 
Hoag’s EP cath suite will enable physicians and clinicians to use advanced technology for many procedures used to examine patients’ hearts and diagnose a spectrum of diseases and potential problems.
Dr. Lee also added that one of the most important new pieces of equipment in the EP cath suite is a “Zero Gravity” radiation system comprised of radiation shield aprons and face covers suspended from a movable track mounted on the lab ceiling. 
“Not only does the Zero Gravity shield provide a higher level of protection, but when you are standing for four to six hours, the suspended feature makes a big difference in terms of comfort of our physicians. Those heavy aprons can really make you sore,” shares to Dr. Lee.?

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