Pelvic Floor Disorders: What You're Experiencing Has a Name. And a Solution.

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Many people suffer for years with pelvic floor disorders, issues ranging from the embarrassing to the excruciating, without ever learning that their problems are common and treatable.

WOMANOLOGY® + RestoreHIM® by Hoag are dedicated to ending this private suffering. Our program provides the highest level of care available for issues as varied as incontinence to pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction.

Patients with pelvic floor disorders often need an interdisciplinary team approach to see any improvement. What differentiates WOMANOLOGY + RestoreHIM from the rest is that we have mastered the art of seamless integration of proven therapies – physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, Pilates, a guided imagery and sexual health counseling.

This comprehensive treatment is now available at Hoag Health Center Irvine – Sand Canyon, providing residents in Irvine and the surrounding communities easier access to unique treatment options that only Hoag offers.

WOMANOLOGY + RestoreHIM is the only center in Orange County that provides comprehensive care for pelvic floor disorders, which can cause debilitating pain, hinder relationships, careers and social lives. Nearly 10 percent of women ages 20-39 and 37 percent ages 60-79 suffer from a pelvic floor disorder. Despite the pervasiveness of the problem, treatment options tend to be piecemeal and unproven.

At Hoag, we understand the severity of the disorder you face, and we can help treat you.

Most of the conditions we treat are related to muscles, nerves and ligaments, which respond particularly well to physical therapy and our other integrated approaches.

For people who require surgery, pelvic floor therapy before and after surgery can help shorten recovery time and provide education to prevent recurrence.

Because we take a team approach to care and collaborate with physicians, everyone involved in your treatment works together to provide you with the best outcomes possible. Many of our patients were misdiagnosed for years or bounced around between specialists without a definitive diagnosis or treatment plan that worked.

You don’t have to live with incontinence, painful intercourse or other pelvic issues any longer. While you can’t undo the causes of pelvic floor problems – childbirth, chemotherapy, surgery – you can get treatment and live a healthy, active life.

Finally, there is a name for what you’re experiencing. And, most importantly, Hoag offers a solution.