Hoag Introduces the “Health Care Village”

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Innovative approach to health care draws inspiration from Irvine’s model of living.

Among its many enviable qualities, Irvine is admired for its villages – well-designed enclaves known for their comprehensive services and excellent quality of life. When Hoag set out to create the future of health care delivery, we drew inspiration from these villages and created an unparalleled community-approach to health care.

Hoag’s new “health care village,” provides highly personalized, simplified and comprehensive medical services and preventive care to you and your family right in your own community.

This village includes the new Hoag Health Center Irvine located on Sand Canyon, which expands and complements the medical services offered across the street at the Hoag Hospital Irvine campus. Combined, these thoughtfully designed facilities provide access to the highest quality health care services with doctors and nurses who care for you the way they would a neighbor.

“Creating a health care village provides the community with a patient experience that is highly personal, seamless and convenient,” said Marcy Brown, Vice President, Hoag Hospital Irvine & Ambulatory Services.

The specialty services opening throughout Hoag Health Center Irvine this summer include:

  • Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute programs including back pain, brain tumor, memory and cognitive disorders, neuropathy, headache, epilepsy, and sleep disorders
  • Hoag Women’s Health Institute programs including Womanology, pelvic health and a Comprehensive Breast Center
  • Hoag Family Cancer Institute programs including radiation therapy, infusion, clinical research, hereditary counseling, nurse navigation, dietitian services and support services
  • Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart & Vascular Institute programs including Hoag Cardiac Rehabilitation, Hoag Vascular Lab, Peripheral Arterial Disease Supervised Walking Program and outpatient services such as EKG, stress testing, echocardiogram and holter monitoring
  • Hoag Urgent Care, managed by Hoag Medical Group
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Hoag Endoscopy Center
  • Men’s health services
  • Hoag Wound Care

Many of these specialized medical services are being offered for the first time in our community and they complement the existing care across the street at Hoag Hospital Irvine and Hoag Orthopedic Institute.

Together, these services will empower you to take control of your health. In fact, every aspect of the Hoag “health care village” was designed with intention, to meet and anticipate your needs. We are here for if you should you become sick, but more importantly we want to engage with you to keep you healthy.

This is the future of health care: world-class, yet accessible. It’s a future we are excited to build together with you and we are so excited to be delivering it to the community of Irvine.