Hoag at Home Launches Home Health, Hospice and Home Visiting Physician Services to OC

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Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian has launched Hoag at Home, a comprehensive home care service that provides patients with the high-quality personalized care they need in the comfort of their home.

Hoag at Home represents an evolution in Hoag’s commitment to the community and a recognition of the changing demographics of the county. This new service allows Hoag to extend the world-class care that is delivered in Hoag hospitals, physician offices and health centers right to a patient’s place of residence.

“People are living and staying mobile longer, and there are more ways to allow people to age in place. Offering a comprehensive home care model is essential for our community,” said Hoag CEO and President Robert T. Braithwaite. “Hoag at Home will be the trusted solution to keep our community healthy and safe.”

(L-R) Joomo Yang, M.D., and Michael Haga, M.D., members of Hoag Medical Group

To provide quality, affordable health care and meet the anticipated needs of an aging Orange County, Hoag at Home’s services will span prevention, diagnostics, treatment and recovery.

Hoag at Home services include:

–Home health services:

~Skilled nursing

~Physical therapy

~Occupational therapy

~Speech-language therapy

~Medical social services

–Hospice services:

~Hospice nursing

~Medical social services

~Pastoral care

~Hospice aides

~Hospice physicians

~Bereavement support

–Home Physician services:

~24/7 nursing advice line

~Home M.D. visits

~Concierge M.D. services

~Palliative care

Additional services coming soon to Hoag at Home include private duty home care, home infusion services and home medical equipment.

“We want patients to have the same quality, compassionate experience that they receive if they visit their doctor’s office, have an outpatient care experience at one of our health centers, or a hospital visit at Hoag,” said Jeff Hammond, executive director of Hoag at Home. “Patients will have the seamless continuity of care they expect from Hoag when one of our care providers visits a patient’s home, whether it be for short-term or ongoing medical care.”

Patients often recover faster from injury or surgery at home, surrounded by family and in the comfort of their home. Through Hoag at Home, medical and support services are brought to the patient and each patient receives an individual care plan to meet their specific goals and needs.

Hoag at Home recently welcomed two physicians with a depth of expertise in delivering home care services to aging patients. Joomo Yang, M.D., and Michael Haga, M.D., members of Hoag Medical Group, are residentialists that specialize in geriatrics, memory care, hospice and palliative medicine. They will bring the Hoag experience to patients and ease their way to receive the support and medical attention they need to effectively manage long-term needs.

“Patients prefer to be treated at home if they can, and our services allow them to do that,” said Hammond. “We have the technology and expertise to support patients in ways that were once only possible in a hospital setting. And by coordinating with Hoag’s physicians, navigators and specialists, we can provide seamless care.”

For more information on Hoag at Home, call 949.736.6100 or visit the Hoag at Home web pages.

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