3 Things Mike Trout Reminds Us About the Importance of Physical Therapy

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Angels center fielder and 10-time MLB all-star Mike Trout is contending with a rare back condition, costovertebral dysfunction. While his condition is unusual, back pain is one of the most common complaints doctors hear.

Luckily for Trout (and most other people with back pain), physical therapy is an effective way to maintain a person’s mobility, agility and quality of life.

“Teach” Your Body. Physical therapy can not only help an athlete overcome the pain and inflammation, but it can “teach” a person’s body to correct any mechanical issues in the way they engage in sports – whether it’s how they throw a ball or perform a breaststroke.


Cater to Your Needs. One of the wonders of physical therapy is that it’s tailor-made to address each person’s unique needs. A well-trained physical or occupational therapist can help patients decrease their pain, increase their mobility and learn how to prevent future injuries.


Avoid Surgery. The best part of physical therapy? The way it can keep you off the operating table. Though Hoag specializes in minimally invasive surgeries and has a world-renowned track record, our goal is always to take the most minimally invasive approach possible.


Trout likely has several weeks of hard work ahead of him. But with the right team and the right physical therapy program, soon the centerfielder will hopefully be able to say “Put me in coach. I’m ready to play!”