The Hoag Executive Health Experience

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Rob Reindl recently celebrated his 58th birthday.

“Because of this,” Reindl says with a chuckle on his birthday, “I feel like I just turned 27.”

The corporate vice president in charge of human resources at Edwards Lifesciences from 1997 until 2012, wasn’t referring to some miracle potion; rather, he was talking about his experience at Hoag Executive Health.

Launched in January, the unique, one-day health-assessment program is designed to ensure top performance and productivity for busy executives like Reindl.

In his position at Edwards, the Irvine-based global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitors, Reindl oversees a department that is responsible for 2,000 employees in Orange County and 7,800 worldwide.

It’s a job that, over the years, has meant many business meals, hours and hours of sitting behind a desk and long days – behaviors and activities that are not conducive to staying in great shape.

Twelve years ago, Reindl had his first executive physical.

“The results were miserable,” he says. “It was a big wake-up call.”

Since then, Reindl has been getting annual check-ups and stepping up his game in terms of eating right and working out regularly.

Immediately after receiving the dismal results of his 2000 physical, the Laguna Niguel resident and married father of three adult children, started hitting the gym three days a week, hired a trainer and ate more frequent, smaller meals as opposed to three large meals every day.

“I really believe that health has a lot to do with attitude and performance,” he says. “I’ve been coming to work with a different skip in my step.”

That skip continues to grow bouncier since Reindl underwent an assessment at Hoag Executive Health in mid-April. A colleague spoke highly about the program and recommended Reindl to try it.

He wasn’t disappointed.

Reindl’s day started with an in-depth discussion with a physician. Blood work was performed. Physical tests were done. His recent nutritional history was assessed.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound executive was told he was eating well, but there was room for improvement. Doctors told him to eat smaller portions of food, such as an afternoon snack of raisins, nuts and dried cherries, but to eat more regularly throughout the day.

Halfway through his assessment, which took place in a private setting from about 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., doctors detected abnormal results during the Carotid Intimal Medial Thickness (CIMT) test. As a result, Reindl was seen for a follow-up ultrasound immediately.

Thankfully, the ultrasound turned up nothing serious.

“I was impressed that they went off the agenda to look into this irregularity,” he says of Hoag Executive Health officials. “They were willing to adapt. Also, the customer service was unbelievable. I really felt like they cared about me. At other doctor offices, they make you feel like a robot.”

“I also was impressed by the thoroughness of the assessment,” he continues.

Hoag Executive Health offers a comprehensive medical, nutritional and fitness examination tailored to each executive – as well as providing a roadmap to ensuring good health moving forward.

Each client is assigned to a dedicated concierge who provides support throughout all stages of the program, including pre-exam planning, exam day activities and post-exam consultation.

Upon completion of the program, the client receives a comprehensive Wellness Report that provides all test results, outlines key findings and includes actionable recommendations – an individualized road map for the client to achieve their health goals.

“They gave me a whole binder of results,” Reindl says.

As a result of the assessment, Reindl tweaked his diet to include more fish instead of meat, and he started a stretching program to minimize swelling in his hip. An avid golfer, Reindl said the stretching has helped with flexibility and motion.

Forward-thinking companies realize the value in investing in the health of their executives, many of whom are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, memory loss, long-term pain, chronic health conditions and other ailments.

Reindl agrees.

He says he will recommend Hoag Executive Health to all 15 members of the executive leadership team at Edwards Lifesciences and anyone he knows that is looking for a comprehensive world-class physical.”

“We’re very focused on our wellness programs here,” he says. “Our company benefits from executives who set an example by leading healthy lives.”