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Orange County's Health Leader Launches Hoag Executive Health

A Program Designed to Protect Your Business

Health is in. From government to HR, prevention is the buzzword for 2012. Everyone knows healthier is better, and health starts with prevention. As an employer you also know the reality: prevention is not all that popular even with the members of your executive team. Lack of time, day-to-day stress, and that profound discomfort associated with all things medical that add to the countless reasons why hard-working individuals tend to put health on the back burner.

Since healthcare is one of the largest expenses for employers, with anticipated increases up to 12 percent this year alone, what is the best path to affordable health for your company? Let us introduce you to an innovative program designed for modern businesses that recognize the need for first-class, standardized practices to monitor and protect their leadership’s health.

In the fourth quarter of 2011, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian launched Hoag Executive Health, the gateway to your company’s health! A key driver behind this progressive one-stop-shopping health program is to provide a comprehensive annual physical that addresses all aspects that are important to your body’s functionality – the vessel through which we optimize performance. The investment is small: one annual visit that comprises an extended physical exam as well as a lifestyle assessment and counseling. The return is immeasurable: a complete health inventory of your top performing team members.

Our goal is to inspire you to protect your most valued asset – your executives’ health. We at Hoag Executive Health recognize that time and personalized attention are key factors in the self-preservation of your business. We present an attractive alternative to the dreaded physical checkup, insufficient doctors, floating records and the agonizing wait for test results.

Hoag Executive Health is conducted in a luxurious facility that ensures privacy and comfort. From scheduling the appointment to follow-up, a dedicated concierge guides the client through the entire process. Although the program is customized to the individual needs of the client, a typical executive physical lasts seven to eight hours and includes breakfast and lunch. Particular emphasis is placed on determining cardiovascular status, conducting cancer screenings, addressing long term pain or other chronic health conditions, and nutritional and fitness evaluations.

During this experience we spend quality, focused, one-on-one time discussing medical, social, and family history. Then we conduct a series of physical and medical diagnostic tests that are customized to the client’s personal health profile. Lastly, we apply the information gathered to conduct a comprehensive fitness and nutrition evaluation to identify problem areas and create a program to meet long-term health goals.

To ensure a top-notch experience, the facility utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and premium fitness equipment. Following the physical, we provide the client with a “Wellness Report,” a comprehensive snapshot of their current health and an assessment of their unique risk factors and how to reduce them. This insight prepares the client for an informed and healthy future and allows them to maintain focus on your business.

For additional information, please call 855/209-3610 or email at

Written by Leeann Garms