Requesting Access to Hoag EpicCare Link

Process for EpicCare Link Access for new Organization:

Step 1: Enroll Organization

The Organization must be enrolled first.
Please email to request to be enrolled in EpicCare Link.

Step 2: Site Administrator(s) and Agreements

EpicCare Link Team will provide the following forms:

  1. Hoag Data Sharing Addendum
  2. Site Administrator Responsibilities*
  3. Epic Care & TapestryLink User Agreement
  4. Site and User Data Collection Form

*A site administrator must be designated for the Organization. It’s recommended to have at least 2 site administrators.

Step 3: Individual Users

Once EpicCare Link Team receive all completed forms, they will provide additional EpicCare & Tapestry Link User Agreements.

Adding New Users to Existing Site

New user requests must be submitted by the Site Administrator for your organization, along with a filled and signed User Agreement.

Site Administrator instructions:

  • Log into EpicCare Link
  • Go to the Manage My Clinic tab, select Requests > Request New Account
  • Fill in the form and attached Signed User Agreement (User’s signature and Site Admin’s signature included)


Note: Every Organization must sign one Hoag Data Sharing Addendum. Each Organization will also need at least one Site Administrator, who will have additional responsibilities like:

  • Requesting new user accounts
  • Deactivating accounts for users who no longer need access
  • Resetting passwords, and
  • Periodically Verifying that all accounts are still Active.

Every Site Administrator will need to sign one Site Administrator Responsibilities and EpicCare & Tapestry Link User Agreement for Site Administrator.

Lastly, every new User will need to sign one EpicCare & Tapestry Link User Agreement and the Site Administrator must provide their signature on page 2.

If you have received your credentials but having issues logging in to Hoag’s EpicCare Link, please reach out to your site administrator and internal technical support before contacting EpicCare Link Team.

If you have any additional questions, email us.