Frequently Asked Questions

What is EpicCare Link?
Hoag’s EpicCare Link is a secure, HIPAA-compliant Epic’s web-based tool connecting external physicians, clinic teams, and organizations to Hoag Health System. Granted users can access EpicCare Link anywhere with an internet connection and a computer. EpicCare Link allows Hoag to extend patient information to external facilities and improve the continuity of care in our community.

How does EpicCare Link work?
EpicCare Link provides registered users with secure access to their patients’ electronic health record information from Hoag Health System.

What computer equipment does EpicCare Link require?
To access EpicCare Link you need a PC or Macintosh computer, a high speed or DSL internet connection (dial-up not recommended) and latest browser edition of Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. EpicCare Link uses industry standard encryption technology ensuring that only you and our staff have access.

Is there a fee for using EpicCare Link?
Hoag is providing EpicCare Link at no cost. EpicCare Link is a web-based service that requires no installation on your servers or computers.

What information is available within EpicCare Link? 
EpicCare Link provides view-only access to the patient’s Hoag medical record, including lab results, diagnostic test results, hospitalization records, procedural information, discharge instructions, progress notes, medications, allergies, medical history, and more.

How long does a primary care provider have access to a patient’s medical record?
Primary care providers (PCPs) identified in the Hoag electronic health records system, Epic, as the patient’s primary healthcare contact will maintain uninterrupted access to the patient’s health record for the entire duration they are designated as the patient’s PCP.

How long will other users with a relationship to the patient have access to the health record?
Other users with a temporary relationship to the patient, such as consulting and referring physicians, their staff, a regulatory agent, or a provider at a community facility (e.g., a nursing home) will have access to a patient’s record for 90 days following the user’s first login to EpicCare Link.

How do I sign up for EpicCare Link?
If you are an Existing Site: Please contact your Site Administrator to request access.

Who should I contact if I am having problems accessing EpicCare Link?
Please email

How long does it take to get an account?
Once the request is submitted, it generally takes up 10 business days to process the account. Upon which the user’s account information will be emailed to the email address specified in the request.

Is training required to use EpicCare Link?
No, training is not required. Guides and self-training materials are available here.

Can I share my EpicCare Link username and password with someone else?
Access to EpicCare Link is necessary to perform your duties in support of patient care. When you agree to the terms and conditions and sign Hoag’s EpicCare & Tapestry Link User Agreement for using EpicCare Link, you agree to keep this information private and not allow anyone else to use this information. You are responsible for any activity that occurs under your username and password. Even if you are called away from your computer and someone else is active with this information, you are responsible. If others in your clinic or department need EpicCare Link access, they can reach out to their site administrator to request access.

Who can reset my password?
Please contact your Site Administrator to reset your password. Otherwise, request a password reset via email with your site group and username to