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The Allen Diabetes Center Gives Continued Support To PADRE

In an unprecedented demonstration of commitment to diabetes care, Hoag, in partnership with CHOC and through CHOC, and the Pediatric Adolescent Diabetes Research Education (PADRE), is collaborating to ensure that all members of our community have timely access to expert diabetes prevention, care and education. Through CHOC Children’s Hospital and Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center at Hoag, PADRE provides regional support, education, and events to help bring knowledge and normalcy to families affected by diabetes. Families feel that the service PADRE provides is essential to their continual emotional well-being.

PADRE programs help many low-income and vulnerable children who live with the very challenging disease ofT1D. PADRE provides over 100 classes and support groups annually to approximately 2,000 children and their parents and siblings, providing them with much-needed diabetes self-care education that goes beyond what is provided at initial diagnosis. These programs are 100% funded through philanthropy; there is no insurance or government reimbursement.

On a monthly basis, PADRE offers specialized classes such as our Caregiver’s Class, Carbohydrate Counting Class, Insulin Shot Class and Pump Basics Class, which all assist in managing T1D. Many of classes are taught in Spanish and classes serve children and adolescents from throughout Orange County. Participants are taught by the Diabetes Team of CHOC Hospital and include Certified Diabetes Educators and Registered Dieticians, as well as physicians and psychologists. All classes are provided at no cost as more than half of those served are of low-income.

In addition, the PADRE Foundation hosts numerous fun activities for children and families (family retreats, annual fashion show, teen retreats, harvest carnival, Christmas party, etc). The purpose of these activities is to give these children a sense of normalcy by allowing them to learn side by side with their peers who do the same things that any child with diabetes must do (test their blood sugar, take shots, measure food, etc.).

PADRE is truly changing lives:
“They say there is going to be a cure within my life time, but until then PADRE is the next best thing.” -Megan Schoeff, Age 17, Diagnosed in 2009

“PADRE has honestly been the best thing since my diagnosis! They have helped me realize that I’m not alone and have given me self-confidence, education, but most importantly understand me and the disease. Thank you PADRE for everything!” -Ryan Mills, Age 14, Diagnosed in 2003.

“PADRE means everything to me. It picked me up when I was pushed down by diabetes. It surrounded me with other diabetics that would become my best friends.” -Kailey Cooley, Age 11, Diagnosed in 2007.

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