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Soaring with Freedom & Control

The Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center and CHOC Children’s Hospital realize that teens and young adults have different needs than children and require efficient processes when transitioning to managing their diabetes. Our cooperating teams work together to provide you:

  • freedom & control in living a healthy life as you enter adulthood
  • continuation of excellent care
  • education and support

This stage in your life can prove to be very challenging as you learn to navigate through challenges of insurance, moving away from home, and developing independence. With the right care team in place the transition can be positive, seamless and very rewarding.

Smooth Flying into the Future
We will help you make a smooth transition from your pediatric care to adulthood care (at 18 years or older). An integrated approach will give you the freedom & control to float between your pediatric care team and your new adult care team at the Allen Diabetes Center. It’s easy!

  • Even after connecting with your new adult team, the option of revisiting your pediatric team is encouraged.
  • We will assist in scheduling appointments with both teams.
  • You will be introduced to an adult endocrinologist and have access to an adult primary care physician.
  • You will have access to leading-edge technology, a responsive team and unrushed, personalized visits.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools to navigate into this next phase of your life while keeping your diabetes in control.

  • Our highly educated and type 1 diabetes team of experts offers high tech solutions through pump and sensors.
  • The Allen Diabetes Center also provides you with opportunities to connect with other young adults with type 1 diabetes in a non-clinical environment to share stories and empower your move towards independence in diabetes management through its Herbert Program for young adults with type 1 diabetes.

Daniel A. Nadeau, M.D. 949-764-6204
Diplomate, American Board of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Program Director, Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center, Dr. Kris V. Iyer Endowed Chair in Diabetes Care and Endocrinologist at Hoag Medical Group.

Dr. Nadeau is an accomplished physician who brings extensive experience regarding diabetes, obesity, and nutrition to Hoag Medical Group and the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center.

Dr. Nadeau traveled around the world with a backpack after college. He runs, bikes, and lift weights to help balance the calories from cooking and eating, which he enjoys even more than exercise.

The Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center offers a support team trained to provide you with excellent clinical care, education and support.

The Pediatric-Adolescent Diabetes Research and Education (PADRE) Foundation is dedicated to serving the community through its free diabetes self-care and SUPPORT programs. These programs are designed to improve social and diabetes self-management skills which positively affects family function and health outcomes of youth participants.

Susan J. Clark, MD 714-509-8634
Director, Endocrinology, CHOC Children’s Hospital and the pediatric program at the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center.

Dr. Clark has extensive experience in treating children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes. She is committed to helping children and teens live healthfully with diabetes and is particularly interested in the psychosocial aspects of living with diabetes.

Dr. Clark has been a medical director at Diabetes Camp, Camp Conrad Chinnock for many years and also participates in PADRE activities such as the camping trip to Catalina Island.

The CHOC diabetes program at the Mary and Dick Allen Diabetes Center provides comprehensive medical care and diabetes education for children and their parents with one-on-one instruction and classes including insulin pump and 24 hour glucose monitoring. CHOC’s certified diabetes educators (CDEs) and nurses will assist you during this transition with clinical needs and navigating into adulthood care.

  • Liz Beko, RN, CDE
  • Peggy Scoggin RN, CDE, MSN
  • Amanda Le, RN, Case Manager
  • CHOC Diabetes Team

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