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  • Smart Eating for A Healthier Brain

    Join our registered dietitian, Miriam Matulich, RDN, as she discusses the importance of making healthy food choices to prevent complications related to the brain. She will provide tips on how to make these choices, including which foods to eat and those to avoid, and how it can benefit your overall brain health.

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  • Cooking Demonstration

    Join Mona Cabrera, M.S., R.D., registered dietitian with the Hoag Lifestyle Program, every Wednesday at 2 p.m. for an educational cooking demonstration. She will share tips and advice as she features a variety of healthy recipes including snacks, drinks, meals and desserts. Click on the link below to view the featured recipe of the day. … Continued

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  • Nutrition Talk

    Join us twice a month for a nutrition talk brought to you by Mona Cabrera, M.S., R.D., registered dietitian with the Hoag Lifestyle Program. Each month she selects topics to help educate viewers, answer popular questions and address timely matters. She draws from her experience and education to provide factual information. Click on the below … Continued

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  • Eating Right for Kidney Health

    Join Hoag registered dietitian, Meghan Gonzalez, for an educational presentation on how to maximize kidney health with your diet. She will provide an overview on the minerals and nutrients that are regulated by your kidneys and possible diet modifications that you can easily incorporate.  

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  • Sweet Life Cooking Demonstration – Live Stream

    Join the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center for a free cooking demonstration live stream that focuses on healthy cooking and nutrition management for those with diabetes. The demonstration will be facilitated by  Davis Cruz, Hoag Executive Chef and a registered dietitian from the Allen Diabetes Center. October 18: Holiday Harvest Blood sugar friendly comfort … Continued

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