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  • Confused by Medicare? Join our Q&A Session Live Stream

    As you make key decisions for your healthcare in 2022 and beyond, take a deeper dive with us at our Medicare Q&A session. An independent insurance agent will explore topics like leaving employer coverage, Medicare & HSA, and Medicare IRMAA. This class is for educational purposes only.

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  • Medicare Basics – Live Stream – Presented in Mandarin

    您是否剛滿或將滿 65 歲、剛加入或要加入 Medicare,或是從一項雇主團體計劃即將作轉換?這個講座可以幫助您認識 Medicare 的基本須知以及不同的 Medicare 計劃選項:Medicare Supplement 輔助保險計劃、Medicare Advantage HMO 和 PPO 優惠計劃,以及 Medicare Part D 處方藥保險。本講座僅用 於教育目的,不會介紹特定公司的計劃福利或詳細資料 。  Presented in Mandarin by Licensed Insurance Agent, Virginia Chang

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  • Medicare Benefits – Live Stream

    Compare Medicare Advantage plan benefits. During our Medicare Benefits class, we will review our health plan partners’ 2022 plan benefits. You will be able to compare their Medicare Advantage health plan benefits side-by-side so you can determine the right plan for you. If you have not yet attended our Medicare Basics class, we encourage you … Continued

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  • Medicare Supplements Live Stream

    Get informed about Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans. Join us for a live video streaming presentation of a licensed insurance agent presenting a Medicare Supplements class. He will provide insight into the various supplement plans available. We will review Medicare Supplement (Medigap) options and you can compare the plans to determine the right plan for … Continued

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  • Medicare Basics – Live Stream

    Learn the basics of Medicare. If you are preparing for retirement or beginning to research how to get started with Medicare, this is the live stream for you. Join us for an informative live stream about Medicare and the different Medicare plan options: Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO plans, and Medicare … Continued

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