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Dr. Craig Cox explains what superficial radiation therapy for skin lesions is and who is a candidate.

Superficial radiation is a non-invasive radiation therapy option for certain individuals with skin cancers or benign conditions. As opposed to other traditional methods of skin cancer treatment, which include surgically removing the cancerous/ benign area, superficial radiation treatment is administered through low-energy X-ray technology. This treatment type is optimal for lesions on the face, since it produces better cosmetic results, with minimal scarring and pigment alteration.
At Hoag, we utilize the latest technology in superficial radiation – the Xstrahl 150. The Xstrahl 150 X-ray system is a superficial treatment unit ideal for treating surface skin lesions including basal and squamous cell carcinoma. In addition to the face, this treatment modality is best used on larger lesions and may be used in conjunction with surgery for high-risk patients at risk for recurrence following surgery.
Clinical conditions that the Xstrahl 150 can treat, include: 
Basal cell carcinoma
Squamous cell carcinoma
Keloid scars
Dermatological conditions
Mycosis fungoides 

Craig Cox, M.D.?, is a Radiation Oncologist at Hoag Cancer Institute?. Please call 949/764-5528 if you would like to make an appointment.