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Aging Well: Navigating Health Through the Years

When it comes to women’s health, it’s best to take control and start to lay the foundation for a long and healthy life by making smart health choices early on. From girlhood to adulthood, motherhood through menopause, a woman’s health care needs change over time. Hoag is here for you at every stage, and every age.

Teens: Changes come quickly during this exciting stage of life. Remain current with immunizations and see a doctor regularly. Schedule an appointment with your pediatrician or primary care doctor to learn more about adolescence, healthy behaviors and relationships, physical and emotional changes.

“Choosing a Hoag gynecologist can help set a woman on a healthy path for life,” said Pantea Mozayeni, M.D. Hoag OB/GYN. “This is the doctor who will educate her about gynecologic health, vaccinations, breast health and mammography, pelvic health, obstetrics and menopause, down the line. Forming a connection with a doctor early can create important continuity of care.

Dr. Mozayeni recommends annual visits with a Hoag expert gynecologist starting in a woman’s teen years. This trusted doctor can help a young woman learn how to perform a breast self-exam, stay up to date on vaccinations and serve as a trusted source for information about menstruation and sexual health.

The 20’s: Lay the foundation for a long, healthy life ahead. Your primary care physician and gynecologist are your wellness partners. Schedule your well-woman visits and physical exams.

Your 30’s: During this busy phase, manage stress related to the demands of work and family life including sleep hygiene, meditation and mindfulness into your daily practice. Continue your well-woman visits and annual physical exams. In early adulthood, a Hoag gynecologist can advise on genetic counseling, healthy eating habits, and cervical cancer screening. Fertility planning and motherhood bring new changes and challenges to a woman’s body.

The Sue & Bill Gross Women’s Pavilion at Hoag Newport Beach is home to the county’s largest and most respected maternal child services program, with over 200,000 babies born to date. Our team partners with expecting and new mothers to deliver the personalized experience and care they want and need,” Dr. Mozayeni said.

It’s the 40’s: Shed unhealthy habits and take charge of your wellness. This is a critical phase of life for preventative health. Remember to book your cancer screenings, vaccines and other screenings.

50’s & 60’s: Get serious about health care screenings. Maintain your health and quality of life by keeping up with screenings, vaccines and annual exams. These two decades of life brings a host of changes, including – for most women – menopause. The risk of cancer and chronic illnesses increases during this stage of life. Your Hoag gynecologist can serve as your guide to keep you on the path of your wellness journey.

“This is the time of life when a woman’s doctor discusses bone density screenings and pelvic floor health,” Dr. Mozayeni said. “Hoag’s gynecologic team can help direct care and guide a woman to the specialists and experts to help keep her healthy during this stage.”

70 and sensational: More people are living longer, healthier lives today than ever before. Hoag can help you maintain a high quality of life so you can enjoy your active lifestyle. Beyond menopause, a woman’s gynecologist continues to serve as the partner who helps you stay up to date on preventative care, particularly as screening recommendations begin to change.

“No matter what your stage of life, your Hoag care team is here to help,” Dr. Mozayeni said. “We are with you at every stage, and every age.”

For a complete list of OB/GYN providers please visit Find a Doctor | Hoag.