Heart & Vascular

Heart Matters Virtual Support Group

Join our monthly support group for the cardiac patient, their partner, family members, or caregivers. Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Stephanie Fermelia, LCSW, will discuss topics such as managing stress, depression and anxiety, handling anger, and coping with lifestyle changes and loss. The support group will be conducted via Zoom. Instructions to join the support group will be emailed to you once you have registered.

By registering for this community education virtual group, I acknowledge Hoag cannot guarantee the security and privacy of the virtual group or my environment. I understand Hoag has taken precautions to safeguard information shared during community education virtual groups to maximize the safety and cyber security of all participants. As with any virtual service, there are risks and benefits, associated with the use of technology; Benefits include the enablement of health care staff at different locations to provide safe, effective and convenient access to the group through the use of technology; Risks associated with the use of technology, include equipment failure, poor images and information security issues. Our goal is to protect the privacy of all individuals at Hoag. For this reason, you and any other people taking part in this community education virtual group, are not permitted to photograph, video, and/or audio record any part of the virtual group.

– I understand that my participation in the virtual group does not establish a care treatment relationship and that everyone attending the virtual group may be able to see and hear each participant.

– I understand I have the right to withdraw my consent to participate in a community education virtual group setting and to exit the virtual group at any time.

Price: Free
Location: Live Stream
Registration Type: Online Registration

Sorry, this event has already past!

Please browse our other upcoming events or go to our YouTube channel to watch our on-demand videos.

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