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How Does Hoag Measure Quality?

Hoag measures quality for minimally invasive hysterectomies based on three standards of excellence: Clinical Quality Excellence, Service Excellence, and Cost Excellence.

We put patients at the center of everything we do and this is validated by the quality and performance of our facility and surgeons. The focus of this section is sharing data on the quality of minimally invasive hysterectomies performed by Hoag’s Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (COERS) surgeons. The COERS designated surgeons at Hoag whose minimally invasive hysterectomy data was tracked and reported in this quality data include:

  • Lisa Abaid, M.D.
  • John V. Brown, M.D.
  • Matthew Clark, M.D.
  • Albert Mendivil, M.D.
  • Charles Moniak, M.D.
Tracking our progress in quality ensures that every woman who comes to Hoag for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery receives the highest quality care, safety and satisfaction. Since patients are able to make more informed decisions about their healthcare when they have access to accurate information, we are committed to reporting publicly how surgeons in the Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery perform on our three standards of excellence in minimally invasive hysterectomies.

Minimally invasive surgery is any procedure that is considered less invasive than open, or traditional, surgery and usually results in minimal scarring, less pain and shorter recovery times. In this section we are reporting the two main types of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery: laparoscopic and robotic-assisted.
  • Laparoscopic surgery is a surgical technique that is performed by a surgeon through small incisions, using the assistance of a video camera to illuminate the surgical field within the body.
  • Robotic-assisted surgery is the most advanced type of minimally invasive surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery is when a robotic instrument is completely controlled by a skilled surgeon, who manipulates mechanical arms from a console near the patient's bed. Hoag has six da Vinci Surgical System robots at its two hospital campuses, one of the most of any community hospital in Orange County1 and our COERS surgeons are highly proficient in using this robotic technology and considered leaders in the field.

In the below sections, we provide accurate and current data on our performance and when possible, comparisons to other regional medical centers. We monitor this data regularly so we can evaluate and improve the way we deliver healthcare to the patients we serve. Please click on a measurement option below for more details regarding our standards of excellence.


1 Intuitive Surgical, Inc. - da Vinici Surgical System