Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a way to access the images of the unconscious mind to help resolve problems, gain understanding on issues, and promote insights into situations. It may or may not be interactive and it traditionally uses prompted or suggested imagery. The guide is often expected to provide “better” images for the client.

Through Guided Imagery, Rhona Jordan can guide patients to better relaxation and pain management, supporting the body and mind molecular healing. Her healing techniques are extremely unique in that a client can either have a one-on-one 2-HOUR session (that can be recorded for home use), or Rhona also specializes in co-treatments with our physical therapists, acupuncturist, and massage therapist.

Guided Imagery During Cancer Treatments

Surgery Preparation
Surgery preparation is talking to the whole body and mind. Knowing that every cell is filled with intelligence and by using quantum physics language, talking to the smallest parts of you, cells, messenger molecules, subatomic particles, tissues and to the surgical site. Feeling in control and focused on your body’s extraordinary ability to maintain blood pressure and other vital signs.

After Surgery
Reconnecting to every aspect of your biological cells intelligence for healing and stimulating the immune system. Talking to your body’s pharmacy releasing your natural Morphine. Your body remembers wellness.

Chemo Or Radiation Relief
Using Imagery, supporting the Chemo or Radiation, while encouraging the healthy cells to reproduce, loving every healthy cell.

Fatigue Versus Energy
Imagery is “Sports Medicine” for the mind. For example: A basketball player is sitting on the bench during the game because of an injury. However in his mind he is playing the game and the same neurons fire. With imagery, you are off the bench and back in the game. Energy follows thought – by building strength with intentions and feelings.

Imagery is like a peaceful bedtime story that helps our body relax, putting stress on the shelf, releasing Melatonin, our own natural sleeping chemical and allowing a deep wonderful peaceful sleep.

Stress And Depression
Imagery creates a safe place for your mind to rest. Supporting you and simply finding peace within. Reframing the way we look or feel about the cancer challenge, and celebrate that we are not the cancer cells, we are bigger and more powerful. Our “Imagination is more important than knowledge” according to Einstein, and Napoleon said “Imagination rules the world”.

Fear Into Courage
The body reflects every emotional feeling and reacts to the same whether the fear is from a real event or an imagined event. How we deal with fear is important because it affects us on a cellular level and influences the way our body heals. Using the power of your mind, we release the thought form called “fear” and step into courage.