Health Ministries

Established in 1987, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian has supported an expansive Health Ministries Program throughout Orange County. This spiritually-based wellness program is open to all faith traditions and is administered by the Faith Community Nurse (FCN). The purpose of the program is to support the mental, physical and spiritual health needs of those being served. Each FCN develops educational programs and interventions specific to the unique needs of their congregation as they seek a health affirming balance between the mind, body and spirit.

What is Health Ministries and Faith Community Nursing?

Health Ministries supports the belief that spiritual health is central to a person’s well being and influences mental and physical health. To promote this understanding, the Hoag Health Ministries Program provides educational, resource and networking support to the FCN. In addition, equipment, training and flu vaccine are provided to our faith partners to aid them in the care of their congregations.

Faith Community Nursing is a specialized practice of professional registered nursing which holds the spiritual dimension to be central to practice. The Faith Community Nurse combines the scientific practice of nursing with the spiritual beliefs of the community, educating and empowering people of faith to become a healthier community.

What Can a Faith Community Nurse Offer?

Roles of a Faith Community Nurse are varied and include a broad range of options. The FCN plays a critical role in providing preventive health services. Through their interventions many parishioners are immunized against the flu, screened for high blood pressure and receive critical health care information and support.

Roles of the FCN with a few examples of possible interventions:

  • Integrates Faith and Health – Offers Prayer & Intentional Listening
  • Personal Health Counselor – Answers Specific Disease or Medication Questions
  • Health Advocate – Assists with Patient Navigation
  • Health Educator – Organizes Group Preventive Education Classes
  • Community Resources Liaison – Aids in Accessing Needed Services
  • Develops Support Groups – Grief, Depression, Loss, Separation
  • Trains Volunteers – Assist at Health Fairs, Blood Pressure Screening Clinics

The Health Ministries Program is staffed by bilingual Spanish, Registered Nurses and administrative leaders. ​Leadership, training, tools and resources are provided to the FCN and the faith organization’s team leaders in support of their individual programs.

For further information or for an appointment please call Susan Johnson, RN-BC, MPH at 949-764-6594 or contact Kanoe Martin at 949-764-6296.