Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is an opportunity to enhance your quality of life by increasing your sense of meaning, purpose and well-being. By examining your life experiences, you reflect on things that mean the most in your life and identify your values, goals and life lessons. Reflecting can also present an opening to share your memories with loved ones through open conversation.

What are the Benefits of The Legacy Project?

  • Being able to maintain a sense of wholeness while living with chronic illness
  • Ability to identify and maintain a sense of pride in your accomplishments
  • Being able to maintain sense of identification with roles that you have held in your life
  • Ability to find and sustain a sense of meaning, purpose and hope
  • Helping to define how others will interact with you during your illness journey

What Can I Do?

Reflection projects can be accomplished through many avenues. You may consider writing, audio recording or video taping responses to questions. You may prefer to freely talk about your life. You may want to include photographs or memorabilia collected during your life experiences to help enrich the story that you tell. Just remember, it is your story to tell in whatever way is most meaningful to you.

For more information, contact the Hoag Palliative Care Program at 949-764-8585 or HoagCARES@hoag.org