Obesity Surgery

Hoag Bariatric Program provides an endoscopic non-invasive option for patients who struggle with obesity and who have been unable to lose weight and/or sustain weight loss on their own.

ORBERA® is a durable gastric balloon made out of soft silicone that remains in your stomach for six months. The shape and volume of the stomach balloon takes up sufficient space in your stomach to help you adapt to healthier portion sizes.

The ORBERA is placed into the stomach in a non-surgical outpatient procedure. First, a diagnostic endoscopy is done to ensure there are no contraindications and that it is safe to perform the procedure. You will be mildly sedated before the procedure begins.

The deflated balloon is inserted through the esophagus into your stomach. A syringe is then used to fill the balloon with a sterile saline solution. Once the balloon has been filled with saline, it is about the size of a grapefruit.

The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. Most patients can resume normal activity roughly two hours later.