Welcome to the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute's Annual Report

We’re 10 years old! Perhaps the phrase “we are starting our second decade” seems more monumental. Whichever is the case, there is no question that the Institute’s 10th year anniversary is a significant milestone. Even more significantly seen through the prism of our evolution and our accountability to the community, is the recent major gift provided to the Institute and the ensuing name change – we are now The Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute! What an astonishing gift that is. Our resolve to continually enhance and evolve the Institute and our commitment to the community is now stronger than ever.

This last year, the Institute expanded its footprint to the Irvine Hoag Health Center campus. A broad range of general and specialized neurology services as well as our spine and back pain program are now available there for the Irvine community. Significant accolades continue to accrue to the Institute. Some examples: Hoag was named by Becker’s (an industry watchdog) as one of the country’s top 100 hospitals for neurosurgery and spine services. Our stroke program was reaccredited by DNV (the deeming agency for the Centers for Medicare Services) as a comprehensive stroke program, and our Irvine hospital achieved primary stroke certification from DNV as well. Our epilepsy service grew, and was accredited as a level 3 epilepsy center.

This annual report summarizes in greater depth our progress in the various components of the Neurosciences Institute. Our continued strategy is to deliver healthcare through our multidisciplinary teams, each focusing on a specific patient condition; namely, our programs. These teams design evidence-based care pathways for specific patient conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, memory and cognitive disorders, as described within. They, first and foremost, are accountable for patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, as well as the efficiency of processes and affordability metrics for their particular “business”. This value driven strategy continues to serve us well, and dovetails with Hoag’s general approach to transforming healthcare delivery through the program model in the other institutes as well.

We look forward to an exciting and busy 2018 calendar year, with the development of a number of new services within both our mental health and neurosciences services portfolios. Stay tuned.

As always, thank you for trusting us and supporting us.


Michael Brant-Zawadzki, MD, FACR
Senior Physician Executive, Hoag Hospital
The Ron and Sandi Simon Endowed Chair,
Executive Medical Director,
Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute,
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Sheila Porter, MBA FACHE
Executive Director
Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian