As the Neurosciences Institute ends its 11th year, we are experiencing a “pre-teen” growth spurt! The transformative philanthropic support of the Pickup Family, Gary Fudge, Ron and Sandi Simon, and the others named inside continues to enable the building of new facilities, recruitment of outstanding clinicians, and acquisition of advanced technology.

This last year, we opened the Fudge Family Acute Rehabilitation Center. This center optimizes care continuity for patients who previously left for other facilities when inpatient rehabilitation stays were needed from a stroke, certain types of brain as well as spine surgery. The unit and the excellence of our staff and “Hoag-esque” ambiance is unmatched, and already at capacity. Last year also brought us the new neuro-oncology clinic with two dedicated neuro-oncologists, where precision medicine and research protocols are now available for patients with brain tumors where already 15 patients are seen weekly. With Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute’s national reputation, excellent clinicians are attracted. We have added three additional specialized neurologists, three new neurosurgeons, and three new psychiatrists to our teams. Accolades continue to validate our quality. Once again, the Institute was named to the 100 top neurosurgery and spine programs out of 4,500 ranked by Becker’s. Our Spine Program was enhanced by the addition of a robot, facilitating the minimally invasive approaches by our neurosurgeons. Our Stroke Program was re-accredited as a comprehensive stroke center. Our Epilepsy Program has achieved the requisite criteria for the NAEC Level 4 designation (the highest possible). A generous gift from the Thompson Family Foundation has enabled our epilepsy specialists to support the Lestonnac Clinic for underserved individuals.

We continue to grow our mental health and substance abuse services. Our ASPIRE program opened its second location at our Irvine campus while our residential addiction program celebrated its third year by treating over 200 clients. We have expanded our Consult & Liaison team to provide specialized psychiatric services to better serve our patients on both campuses. The Maternal Mental Health clinic has touched over 1,000 women’s lives by providing treatment, and support.

Our reputation continues to spread through national and international presentations, publications, and clinical research, including some of the country’s very first vaccine trials for brain tumor patients. Our Memory and Cognitive Disorders Program became the foundational participant in the COCOA trial, together with the Institute for Systems Biology. This trial offers the latest interventions for those in the early stages of cognitive impairment.

The above is just a sampling of the advances made last year by Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute. More can be found in this booklet aimed at providing the annual “report card” of our activities. As always, we remain grateful for the high expectations and trust bestowed upon us, and look forward to executing on our promise of compassionate care, clinical excellence, and creative intelligence to the best of our capabilities.


Michael Brant-Zawadzki, MD, FACR
Senior Physician Executive, Hoag Hospital
The Ron and Sandi Simon Endowed Chair, Executive Medical Director
Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Mark V. Glavinic, PT, DPT, NCS
Director, Rehabilitation Services

Kambria Hittelman, Psy.D.
Director, Neurobehavioral Health

Leslie Rosini, MSN, RN
Director, Neurosciences Ancillary Operations