Headache & Facial Pain Program


The Headache and Facial Pain Program at Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute offers a multidisciplinary approach to headache treatment. The goal of the program is to simultaneously address medical, physical and emotional needs, with a major focus on patient education. Patients are evaluated by our headache specialty physicians and a customized plan is developed, which includes experts in the fields of physical therapy, nutrition, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy and acupuncture.

The Headache Program is a four consecutive week program comprised of appointments with our physician and/or his PA, one session with a physical therapist, one session with a dietary therapist and four sessions with a biofeedback therapist.
The program tracks outcomes through PHQ-9 and HIT 6 questionnaires, and we have seen positive changes in our patients’ physical and mental health after joining this program.


The team is led by Philip O’Carroll, M.D., and includes Ali Makki, DMD. The nurse navigator for the program is Sheena Dhiman, BSN, MBA.

Support & Education

We hold community education classes and seminars to provide education to our community on the various types of headaches, management of headaches and chronic migraines.

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