Phase 1 Clinical Trials
(Hoag Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Program)

Through an alliance with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive cancer center, Hoag Family Cancer Institute offers a Phase 1 Clinical Trials Program (Hoag Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Program) through an established clinical trials program with USC Norris. With this program, Hoag anticipates a new era of research that will provide Orange County residents with the full spectrum of care close to home.

A Phase 1 trial examines a new treatment that has not been tested. During these trials, researchers are looking for the best way to administer the treatment, determine how much can be given safely and identify side effects. In general, Phase 1 trials are offered to patients with advanced disease who would not be helped by other known treatments. However, certain Phase 1 trials test combinations of promising novel drugs with standard of care therapy. Phase I trials have evolved to incorporate a more precision-based approach, where patients are selected based on the type of cancer they have or by the molecular profile of the individual tumor.

As the only community hospital in Orange County to offer Phase 1 clinical trials, Hoag is proud to serve these patients and further cancer research.

To learn more about Hoag’s Phase 1 Clinical Trials, or to enroll, please call 949-764-5543, or visit the Cancer Clinical Trials page.