Intro Letter to Neurosciences Annual Report

As the Neurosciences Institute continues its journey in the transformation of healthcare delivery, we focus our specialized teams on individual patient conditions. We remain accountable to our community for the outcomes that our dedicated experts deliver, and for the process of continually improving our clinical effectiveness, our patients’ satisfaction with our services, and the accessibility of our services (both timeliness and cost). Hence this annual “report card.”

The Institute is a portfolio of related “businesses,” our programs. Our programmatic care is delivered through physician-led, multidisciplinary teams focused on a specific brain, spine, or nerve disorder using evidencebased best practices, and state-of-the-art technology. Continuous process improvement and metrics of patient outcomes are required. Programs evolve with their own trajectory, but all share the same passion: We continually strive to learn how to serve our patients better while the work is being done.

This past year, we became designated by the National Football League’s Players Association as the only West Coast site to deliver the Brain and Body Wellness Program to former players. We have significantly grown our Epilepsy and Pituitary and Skull Base Tumor Programs, and continue to expand our bandwidth in mental health services, including Women’s Mental Health (in collaboration with the Women’s Health Institute). Our Stroke Program is now the busiest in the state, with documentable nation-leading outcomes of our stroke care. Our Brain Tumor Program is one the busiest in California, with the deadliest tumor of all—Glioblastoma—showing significantly longer average survival compared to national averages. Our other programs are all thriving as well.

As forces attempting to homogenize health care intensify, the Neurosciences Institute strives to prove that differentiated, specialized, and continually innovative services focusing on the individual patient’s needs drive value, and in turn are deemed valuable.

As we previously observed: When faced with increasing commoditization of the computer industry, Steve Jobs said, “If Apple is going to succeed; we are going to win on innovation….” He then opened Apple stores to differentially market Apple’s superior products. He went on to state that key to winning through innovation is direct communication with one’s customers. The Neurosciences Institute is our Apple store, and this annual report is another tool of communication.