Adolescent Mental Health: Comprehensive Diagnostic & Treatment Planning Services - Teen Brain


Positioned as a synergistic compliment to the ASPIRE program, Teen Brain brings together a multidisciplinary team of specialists at Hoag Neurosciences Institute to provide a unique and comprehensive diagnostic assessment and treatment planning service for struggling adolescents and young adults.

Research shows that the teen brain remains in a stage of growing and changing well throughout puberty. In fact, it is only about 80 percent developed once young people reach adolescence, with the last section to connect being the frontal lobe – the area responsible for cognitive processes such as judgment and reasoning. As a result, teens and young adults are more easily influenced by their environments, more vulnerable to external stressors, and are then prone to emotional outbursts, impulsive behavior and mental health disorders. Families in need of support typically find an inadequate mental health system that is difficult to navigate and often leaves to chance the quality of care a young person may receive. As a result, family and friends who care about them struggle to find effective interventions. Teen Brain has taken this traditionally fragmented system of mental health care for adolescents and young adults and combined services into an accessible location with a clear and straightforward pathway to evidence-based answers and solutions. Co-located physicians, psychologists, and licensed therapists combine mental, emotional, physical, chemical and psychological analysis through:

• Neuropsychological testing

• Neurological consultation

• Psychopharmacological consultation

• Psychological/Behavioral consultation

• Assessment team & family conference

The result is a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that is delivered by the multidisciplinary team in a convenient family consultation meeting.