Hoag Becomes Exclusive Health Care Provider to OC Soccer Club

By Orange County Business Journal

Categories: Featured News
July 3, 2017

Hoag signed on as “exclusive health care provider” to the Orange County Soccer Club. The Hoag logo debuted on the professional soccer team’s jerseys during a match against the Seattle Sounders 2 on June 24 at Orange County Great Park.

Hoag also provides “comprehensive health care services on and off the field” for the club’s coaching staff and players, including “pre-season screenings, physical exams, care by Hoag physicians for injuries during games, and medical exams throughout each season.”

“Through their discipline, competitive spirit and teamwork, the players and coaches of the Orange County Soccer Club inspire all who are fortunate enough to watch them in action,” Hoag President and Chief Executive Robert Braithwaite said in a statement. “They represent our community on the athletic field, and all of us at Hoag are honored to be associated with them.”

James Keston, chief investment officer of LARO Properties LP in Encino, acquired the Orange County Blues FC in September and renamed it Orange County Soccer Club.

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