Ensure Your Access to The Hoag Network


If you have been a patient at Hoag Hospital, we trust you and your family have come to rely on the quality of care provided by Hoag medical professionals, specialists, and services. However, with the always-changing insurance landscape, we understand choosing the right plan is more confusing than ever. Will the plan you choose ensure you have direct access to all of Hoag services, centers, and care providers?

The decisions you make during this open enrollment period could determine whether you are able to see certain Hoag physician specialists, whether you are taken to a Hoag Hospital in the event of an emergency, and whether your care can continue at Hoag.

In some cases, even if your doctor is a Hoag Affiliated Physician, your insurance plan may require you to receive medical attention outside of the Hoag Network simply because you did not select Hoag as your preferred admitting hospital.

What is the Hoag Network?

The Hoag Health Network is constantly changing to respond to the needs of our Orange County community – through creating and cultivating a medical group of top physicians with same-day appointments and convenient locations, opening new health centers and urgent cares in your area, and affiliating with trusted board-certified physicians to cover all medical specialties.

The Hoag Network comprises of our two top-ranking hospitals, in Irvine and Newport Beach, nine Hoag Medical Group offices, seven Hoag Health Centers, and ten Urgent Care locations throughout Orange County. Additionally the Hoag Network grants you and your family access 1,500 Hoag physicians and specialists, most of which are leaders in their field. Finally, Hoag is constantly building relationships with other healthcare leaders in Southern California to provide innovative and comprehensive treatment programs for a wide-range of medical conditions.

How to Ensure Access to the Hoag Network

During the open enrollment process, be sure to select your preferred admitting hospital from the list below:

Hoag Hospital Irvine
16200 Sand Canyon Avenue
Irvine, CA. 92618
(800) 400-HOAG (4624)

Hoag Hospital Newport Beach
One Hoag Drive
Newport Beach, CA. 92663
(800) 400-HOAG (4624)

Another easy way to ensure access to all of Hoag’s trusted services available in the Hoag Network is to select a Hoag Medical Group physician as your primary care doctor. Learn more >