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From a Warm Hello to Follow-Up Medical Appointments, Hoag Deepens its Commitment to the Patient Experience

By Orange County Register

Categories: Featured News
September 21, 2016

The Experience at Hoag Health Center Irvine is Built Around Each Patient, Beginning from the Moment They Walk Through the Door.

In planning Hoag Health Center Irvine at Sand Canyon, officials sought to deepen Hoag’s already renowned patient experience, in which treatment and follow-up services are seamlessly integrated across the entire broad patient-care continuum.

Key to this effort was a deep commitment to service and an emphasis on patients’ needs as their specialized care plans are developed and delivered.

At Hoag, this critically important process is achieved by a team of special individuals ranging from nurse navigators and physicians, to technicians, greeters and volunteers. Collectively, they ensure a comprehensive experience unique to Hoag’s patient-centric focus, helping patients navigate the maze of appointments, complex paperwork and virtually every other aspect of consistent quality care from A to Z.

“Patients frequently walk out of a doctor visit with referrals they have been given for further testing, treatments or consultations with other physicians,” explains Marcy Brown, Vice President of Hoag Hospital Irvine. “Making and keeping these appointments is critically important in ensuring our patients receive the proper evaluations and care in a timely manner. That’s often easier said than done, and that’s why we place such a strong focus on coordinated care for all of our patients.”

Long before Hoag Health Center Irvine opened, patient journeys across virtually all services throughout Hoag were closely analyzed to understand how processes should be designed at the new center to achieve the best patient experience possible.

It begins with the very first patient touch point, Brown says. “We greet you with a warm hello, then we are there with you through your entire experience, from helping you navigate paperwork, coordinating pre-surgical appointments, scheduling EKGs to making sure all your diagnostic testing is coordinated and completed.”

One of the things that truly set Hoag’s patient experience apart is the fact that all employees are considered “guardians” of its unique culture. As such, they all receive training in how to “Own It,” with “it” being a commitment to providing an extraordinary patient experience. Hoag Health Center Irvine extends this tradition, which is further complemented by the center’s spa-like atmosphere that includes beautiful facilities in a serene setting, with soothing music, ample parking and free shuttle services throughout the center and to Hoag Hospital Irvine.

It takes a village to provide an extraordinary patient experience... in this case, a health care village located at Hoag Health Center Irvine, which offers a team approach to advance patient care with the precision and quality that differentiates Hoag.