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9 Hospital Execs Share How Their Innovation Approach Evolved Since the Start of the Pandemic

By Hoag

Hospitals' innovation efforts were forced to accelerate and refocus because of the pandemic's demand for more virtual care options and increased attention to social determinants of health.

Below, eight executives from hospitals and health systems across the country discuss how their innovation programs have changed and stayed the same in the year since the pandemic hit.

Editor's note: Responses have been edited lightly for clarity and style.

Kathy Azeez-Narain. Chief Digital Officer at Hoag Hospital (Newport Beach, Calif.). We have doubled down on what healthcare needs to become to support the new expectations that people have, with a focus on digital and more importantly human-centered experiences.

Technology for the sake of having all the systems you need is no longer enough. We have spent more time on identifying the key problems we have to solve for the patient/provider/consumer and overlaid a deep focus on where digital/innovation plays a role. We want to pursue the ideas that will improve healthcare, not just focus on implementing what already exists in the industry. Our commitment to providing our community with digitally accessible health tools, platforms and care deepened and will continue to be paired with our customer centric mindset and best-in-class providers and facilities.

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