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Rehab Services Closer to Home


Hoag’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Now Available in Irvine

When Hoag Hospital Irvine opened nearly seven years ago, the idea was to bring Hoag’s renowned, high quality care and services to Irvine while taking into account the health care needs of South County residents.

And it’s that sentiment that Hoag’s Director of Rehabilitation Mark Glavinic, PT, DPT, NCS, referenced when he described Hoag’s vision for its new rehabilitation services in the 10-story tower adjacent to Hoag Hospital Irvine, which opened in June.

“It’s been important to see and experience the community in Irvine and really develop a program that is unique to that setting,” Glavinic said. “We really thought about what needs to be going into the program. What equipment do we need? What services do we provide?”

What Hoag discovered is that residents of Irvine and the surrounding communities were looking to regain strength, mobility, balance and speech after an injury or medical procedure.

When Scott Nishitani, 48, came to Hoag, he was wheelchair bound and unable to pop open a soda can. A rare blood cancer damaged many of the nerves that control body movement. While an autologous stem cell transplant put the cancer into remission, it was the intensive, specialized therapy at Hoag that has allowed him to start walking, driving and cooking again.

“The progress from where I was to where I am now is huge,” Nishitani said. “The staff and everyone has been friendly from day one, and they know I like to take challenges during my therapy sessions to improve and regain my mobility. The therapy sessions are the place to take the challenges, where they’re monitoring you and providing assistance when needed.”

“The community is open to wellness and wants control over being healthy,” Glavinic said. “They don’t just come to us when they’re hurt, they want to know how to avoid getting hurt down the line.”

The new Hoag Rehabilitation Services in Irvine includes a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists. Hoag’s approach is extremely patient-centered, so appointments are not double-booked and all patients spend their entire visit one-on-one with a licensed therapist.

“If you have to go someplace two to three times a week, driving to Newport Beach can be more prohibitive from South County,” Glavinic said. “We are delighted to connect residents in Irvine and the surrounding area with Hoag quality closer to home.”

For more information, call 888-579-8630.