World-Class Neurosciences Care Comes to Irvine


From headaches and back pain to concussions, Parkinson’s disease and memory problems, demand for specialized care of patients with brain and spine disorders is increasing in every community.

To meet the growing need for expert services, Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag has expanded its comprehensive, state-of-the-art neurosciences care in Irvine, both at Hoag Health Center Irvine – Sand Canyon and across the street at Hoag Hospital Irvine.

“We bring the easily accessed expertise of specialist physicians to comfortable and well-equipped facilities containing the latest technological tools, including advanced brain and spine imaging techniques, and access to clinical trials,” said Michael Brant-Zawadzki, M.D., F.A.C.R., senior physician executive and the Ron & Sandi Simon Executive Medical Director Endowed Chair of the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, Hoag. “That is what differentiates us – compassionate care, clinical excellence, and creative intelligence.”

The expanded program offers patients specialized care in state-of-the-art facilities designed to address the full spectrum of neurological disorders, conditions and needs, including: chronic pain, neuropathy, sleep, general neurology, neurosurgery, memory disorders, movement disorders, epilepsy, spine, the Orange County Vital Brain Aging Program with its focus on memory care, clinical research, outpatient rehabilitation, ASPIRE (teen outpatient mental health program), and intensive outpatient treatment via Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers.

In addition to expert subspecialists, Hoag’s Irvine expansion also offers a world-class physical rehabilitation facility for those recovering from neurologic insults such as stroke, brain trauma, brain surgery and spine surgery.

“Hoag has built a reputation for trusted excellence for those with the full spectrum of brain and spine conditions,” Dr. Brant-Zawadzki said. “We are looking ahead to offering all the services this community needs, including creating a comprehensive multidisciplinary chronic pain and neuropathy center, and a concussion/mild traumatic brain injury clinic.”

Nationally recognized for clinical excellence in neurology and neurosurgery, Hoag is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through technological innovation, expert care and – as in the case of Irvine – meeting the needs that are most important to patients.

Expanding world-class care in Irvine supports the community with the best care, right where patients need it most.

“The demand for neurological and neurosurgical services exists in every community, Irvine being no exception,” Dr. Brant-Zawadzki said. “By enhancing and expanding services in Irvine, we give patients access to advanced care, including clinical trials, that rivals the most renowned institutes in the nation.

“Research provides patient access to the latest developments in drug therapy as well as devices being tested for efficacy in a variety of neurological conditions,” Dr. Brant-Zawadzki said. “For example, more effective Parkinson’s treatments are being developed and require clinical research for final approval before widespread use in the population. By partnering with clinical trials, Hoag gives our patients access to these treatments that they can’t get anywhere else.”

For more information, call 888-285-9514.