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What Innovation Means to You

When you think of “innovation,” you might think of the latest technology. At Hoag, innovation means more than the newest gadget. It means advancing your well-being – and Hoag continues to lead the way. In this issue of Hoag for Life, you will learn how Hoag is using robotic navigation to enhance the accuracy of minimally invasive spine surgery. But Hoag’s innovations extend far beyond equipment. You will read about the Anita Erickson Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Program, which aims to turn the tables on an elusive disease. You will meet the gynecologic oncology team whose comprehensive program delivers the best possible outcomes for women. You will see how Hoag has created a clinical trials program quite unique for a community hospital. And you will discover how Hoag is working to stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Hoag prides itself as a leader in innovation not just because we offer the most advanced technology, but because we provide the highest quality care. To us, “innovation” doesn’t mean a newer gadget. It means a healthier you.