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WOMANOLOGY® by Hoag Gives Women a New Lease on Pelvic Health

In a well-appointed, private room, soft music plays while a woman who experiences painful intercourse explains her condition to a specialized pelvic floor physical therapist. This is physical therapy unlike anything offered anywhere else.

WOMANOLOGY, a well-respected pelvic floor specialty clinic, has provided integrated, comprehensive care for more than 12 years to women experiencing urinary and bowel problems, vulvodynia and a host of other pelvic floor issues. Hoag is proud to announce that it acquired the clinic and is celebrating the creation of WOMANOLOGY by Hoag, a new program that combines the trusted complementary care of WOMANOLOGY with the expert medical care of Hoag’s Women’s Health Institute.

Men, too, suffer from pelvic floor issues, and for them Hoag has also acquired RESTORE HIM®, an additional component of the WOMANOLOGY program that focuses on men.

“There is a great need in the community for this kind of specialized therapy,” says Allyson Brooks, M.D., executive medical director of Hoag’s Women’s Health Institute. “This isn’t like other physical therapy clinics where you’re sitting in a room next to a stroke patient who is coming in for gait and balance therapy or someone rebuilding their strength after a car accident. You’d feel like a zebra among horses.”

Brooks was one of the first physicians in Orange County to begin referring patients to WOMANOLOGY when Robin Christenson, MPT, founded the program in 2002.

“When I sold WOMANOLOGY, I felt as though I was putting my baby up for adoption,” says Christenson. “I trust Hoag’s caring staff and incredibly forward-thinking medical team to expand upon the vision of helping women live better lives.”

A physical therapist, Christenson put together an outstanding specialized team, including acupuncturists, pilates instructors, massage therapists and guided imagery therapists, all of whom are now on Hoag’s staff.

“We are proud to say that now Hoag has this comprehensive physical therapy program for women, designed by women,” Brooks said. “Most of the conditions they treat are not usually treated with surgery or pain medications. They tend to be related to muscles, nerves and ligaments, and they respond well to complementary approaches.”

For women who do require surgery, such as prolapse surgery to repair weakened muscles that support the vagina and surrounding structures, Brooks said pelvic floor therapy before and after surgery can help shorten recovery time and ensure success.

And because the therapy is done in a spa-like, woman-friendly environment, patients tend to feel more comfortable coming in to address problems that have traditionally gotten too little attention.

“Any time we have offered a panel discussion or a class about pelvic floor issues – incontinence, painful intercourse, pelvic dragging – we get hundreds of calls and inquiries,” Brooks said. “People are hungry for information and for help. It is important that women know that they don’t have to live with this.”

WOMANOLOGY by Hoag now has three convenient locations in Orange County. The Fullerton WOMANOLOGY clinic will remain at its original location on West Wilshire Avenue, while the Irvine clinic moved adjacent to Hoag Hospital Irvine on Sand Canyon Aveune in January. Hoag also opened a temporary clinic in March to serve patients in Newport Beach with appointments available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until the new, permanent space opens in Fall 2015.

“As these treatments become more mainstream, women will be more comfortable addressing these problems,” Brooks said. “You can’t undo the causes of pelvic floor problems: You can’t reverse childbirth, or chemotherapy or C-sections. But you can have a healthier, more active life. You don’t have to suffer in silence.”

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