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Comprehensive Neurosurgery Spine Program Leads with Compassionate Care

Nearly everyone has felt the pangs of back pain. Whether wrenching your back by lifting a child or severely injuring yourself in an accident, back pain can be devastating and debilitating.

Unfortunately, too often how you treat that pain varies widely depending on which specialist you see. At Hoag, the guesswork is taken out of back pain management with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to individual spinal care.

Launched earlier this year, Hoag’s Neurosurgery Spine Program consists of a dedicated, multidisciplinary team of spine specialists including physical therapists, pain management specialists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and nurses, all working together to tailor a spine health plan to an individual’s needs.

To deliver the most effective and efficient care possible, the Hoag Neurosurgery Spine Program creates an algorithm to determine the best fit for a given patient, be it physical therapy, pain management, surgery or a combination of all three. Guiding each specialist’s decisions about patient care are the program’s principles of collaboration, comprehensive evaluation and conservative management.

“Every patient deserves an accurate diagnosis, conservative and compassionate care and a customized treatment plan to help guide them through their spine problem,” said Burak Ozgur, M.D., chief of service of the Neurosurgery Spine Program at Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute.

"Our minimally-invasive outcomes are some of the best, not only in Orange County but also in the country, demonstrating less than 1 percent rate of infection, complication and readmission."

The good news for those who do require surgery is that today’s minimally invasive surgical options allow patients to return to their normal lives quickly – with most patients up and walking within a day.

Modeled on the multidisciplinary approach now common in cancer centers, the Neurosurgery Spine Program will offer a team approach to evaluating patients and recommending care. “There will be those challenging cases where we can benefit from putting several heads together to create the best plan,” Dr. Ozgur said. “We are all conservative,” he continued. “We all want to treat these patients as if they were our family.”

Part of that specialized care at Hoag is a dedicated Advanced Brain and Spine Unit with nurses and staff specially trained to care for neurosurgical spine patients, which further allows for a full and swift recovery.

Drawing patients from Orange County, Los Angeles and nationwide, Dr. Ozgur says most spine surgeries can be done using minimally invasive techniques that lead to more precise surgeries, lower infection rates and less blood loss, while avoiding unnecessary damage to surrounding muscles.