Local Community Programs

Hoag believes hospitals can and should improve the lives of the entire community. To help realize our vision of a healthy Orange County, Hoag established the department of Community Health in 1995 and has provided millions of dollars of health care for the county’s most vulnerable ever since.

We have helped fund prenatal care for women in need, we have provided diabetes treatment and nutrition education for people with limited means, and we are one of the only medical centers in the nation to offer hospital-based outpatient mental health care to the underserved.

In any given year, Community Health collaborates with more than 60 non-profit organizations, with many of the hospital’s leadership team, physicians and staff actively participating on a multitude of levels within these organizations. Some of these programs and organizations are listed below.

The work and funding Community Health provides is informed by Hoag’s devotion to promote a better quality of life. For all of us.

Health Access

Senior Services


Women’s Services

General Community Support