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  • Pastoral Care

  • Contact Us - 949-764-8358
    Hoag’s Pastoral Care Department provides services that meet the spiritual needs of patients and their families, physicians, employees and the community at large.
    Pastoral Care programs and services include pastoral contact, conversation and care for patients and families; a ministry of visitation, prayer and spiritual exchange throughout the hospital and community.
    Clinical Pastoral Education

    Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is professional education for ministry.  The clinical method of education is an experientially based “action-reflection” methodology in which interns and residents engage in ministry and critically reflect on that ministry in consultation with supervisor(s), peers, and other professional colleagues.  Each intern is assigned to clinical areas with the responsibility to minister to patients, the families of those patients, and the medical center staff.

    Interns and residents learn as members of a group, and the group is formed with an aim for diversity in gender, race, sexual orientation, culture and religious tradition.  They often enter CPE secure in their beliefs and values.  As they gain confidence within the context of a “safe enough environment,” they consider new ideas and try out new behaviors.  Patients, their families and hospital staff members become role models for interns and residents to learn about their own openness, strenghts and vulnerabilities as pastors.  In the context of the hospital setting that interns have opportunity to reform or reaffirm their ideas about God, self, and others.  In this environment, they learn new ways of providing ministry.  

    The end goal of the CPE program experience is to facilitate the intern's/resident's development of pastoral formation, reflection, and competence.  CPE provides context for this formation by having each intern and resident: 1) provide hospital ministry to patients, families and staff, 2) participate in group and individual supervision of ministry and 3) participate in and reflect on offered topical modules.  The curriculum is not a linear process in which transitions are clearly defined as in academic models of learning. Rather, it relies on the developmental and maturational processes that are unique to each intern and resident. All elements within the clinical setting facilitate the intern's and resident's education process.  Hoag's commitment is to their unique development and growth as a pastoral care giver.

    2016 Intern Units           

    Winter - 2016W              January 13, 2016          to      April 15,2016

    Summer - 2016S            May 17, 2016               to      August 19, 2016

    Fall - 2016F                   September 6, 2016        to     December 16, 2016

    Our Resident Years begin in December.

    If you are interested in applying for either our Chaplain Internship or Chaplain Residential Programs please call 949-764-6994 or complete an ACPE Application and return it along with the $50.00 application fee to:

    Hoag Hospital
    Attn: CPE
    307 Placentia, Suite 103
    Newport Beach, CA 92663 

    Hoag Hospital is fully accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE).

    Bereavement Support Groups
    You may participate in the following support groups, which are made available to you, free of charge, by the Pastoral Care Department at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian. Please register for all classes by calling the Pastoral Care Department at 949-764-8358. These groups provide the emotional support that people need to get through their difficult times.
    Facing Forward
    This group meets on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:00 p.m., at 307 Placentia Avenue, Suite 105-B. It is a general bereavement group for participants over the age of 18, offering support to those who have lost a loved one. It is facilitated by Marilyn Kaplan, LCSW. For more information, please call 949-764-8358. 
    Life Goes On
    This group meets at 307 Placentia Avenue, Suite 105-B, on Friday nights from 7:00-8:30 p.m., when the group is in progress. Marilyn Kaplan, LCSW, facilitates this group. This is a time-limited group, meeting for 10 consecutive weeks. Regular attendance is required. 
    Growth Through Grief
    This group meets on Friday evenings from 5:00-6:30 p.m., at 307 Placentia Avenue, Suite 105-B. Marilyn Kaplan, LCSW, leads this group, as well. Attendance at Life Goes On or some other bereavement group is a prerequisite for this group. 
    Religious Services

    • Sacramental Services: Communion, Baptism, marriages, blessings
    • Hospital-wide Holiday Worship: Christmas, Good Friday, etc.
    • Literature distribution/Other items: Bibles, books, pamphlets
    • Closed circuit television devotions and religious programs to patient rooms on Channel 12.
    Educational Programs
    The Pastoral Care Department offers workshops and seminars on topics related to ministry and medicine, and supports relationships with Hoag Health Ministry (Parish Nurse) programs.
    Community Outreach (Chaplains)
    Newport Mesa Irvine Interfaith Council
    Partnership with the Presbyterian churches of Orange County began in 1945 with the fund raising efforts of the Rev. Raymond I. Brahams of the Community Presbyterian Church of Laguna Beach, the Rev. O. Scott McFarland of the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana, other local churches, civic groups, and matching support from the Hoag Family Foundation. Land was purchased overlooking Newport Harbor and a 75 bed hospital was built, receiving its first patient on September 15, 1952. 

    In 1965, Rev. Edward G. Reitz became Hoag’s first chaplain. Five years later the Rev. Wm. Robert Parry succeeded him and expanded services to include a second protestant chaplain, the Rev. Lloyd Sellers, and a Roman Catholic priest. Under the Rev. Parry’s direction, a health ministries/parish nurse program was started. Later the program became a part of Hoag Community Medicine. Following the Rev. Parry’s retirement, the Rev. Dr. Donald Oliver was hired as director in 1992 and Father Joseph Rich joined the staff a few years later, who retired in December 2006.
    The members of the Pastoral Care staff have enjoyed a very special relationship with Hoag’s founding organization, the Association of Presbyterian Members (made up of two appointees from each congregation in Los Ranchos Presbytery, as well as the ECO presbyterian Churches). Together, we have worked to ensure access to the highest quality physical and spiritual care.
    Department Staff
    Director - Rev. Donald B. Oliver, Ph.D.
    CPE Supervisor - Rev. Fred L. Smoot, Ph.D.
    Lead Chaplain - Rev. Gerald Arata, M.Div.
    Lead Chaplain - Chaplain Jeff Hetschel, OSM
    Administrative Assistant Sr. - Maxine Tzur
    Administrative Specialist, CPE - Charity Taylor
    Visitation Committee - Hoag Auxiliary
    Eucharistic Ministers - Volunteers from local Catholic parishes
    Jewish Volunteers - Chabad of Newport Beach