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    • One Hoag Drive,
      P.O. Box 6100
      Newport Beach, CA
    • 949-764-HOAG (4624)
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  • Hoag Health Center Irvine - Woodbridge
  • 4870 & 4900 Barranca Parkway
  • 800-400-HOAG (4624)
    Hoag Healthcare Center Woodbridge Irvine CA


    Hoag Health Center Irvine - Woodbridge has more than 20 Hoag-affiliated physicians in many specialties in addition to Hoag Medical Group Pediatrics and Family Medicine, as well as Hoag Imaging and Breast Center, which offers diagnostic imaging and screening services.  Serving the Irvine community for over 25 years.  Please click on the hyperlinks below for additional information related to each service and associated hours of operation.

    The Hoag Health Center Irvine - Woodbridge offers:
    • Endocrinology

    • Internal Medicine

    • Laboratory

    • Physical Therapy

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